"Breathtaking performances" 

Black Heritage Today UK


"Let these 6 dancers recalibrate your preconceptions" 



"A visually stunning performance" 

This is Bristol

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 "The most exciting, dynamic

African-dance imaginable"

Michael Kelligan, Theatre in Wales

"The calibre of it's musicians equalls that of it's dancers"


"Drumming, dancing, acrobatics, singing & guitar...rousing, fabulously upbeat"

Mary Couzens for EXTRA! EXTRA!

"A fantastic experience that resulted in two fantastic performances!!! "

Sally Carlson, Director of Danceblast

Nimba is the joy of living.....

Guinean Dance, Music, Film & Education

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"The audience were completely transfixed - the sounds, movement & beauty" 

Classical Journey Radio

"electrifying set of traditional songs infused with a 21st  twist"

Western Mail

"They are so agile, so talented and work so flexibly with the children"

Deborah Gray, Malmesbury School


"Excitingly Dynamic Show with colourful Masks and Costumes"

Scarlett Worldwide Entertainment Specialists